The Wood Shop Certification is offered to Make Salt Lake members only. To become a member of MSL, click this link:

Meet in the Wood Shop

This is a safety certification class for MEMBERS of MSL only for the Make Salt Lake Wood Shop. Its purpose is to provide information and demonstrations of safe practices on the woodshop’s most dangerous tools. Please bring safety glasses or we have them for purchase for $3.
This is an in-person class, so masks are required for all attendees.

We will primarily cover the Table Saw, Jointer, Planer, Chop Saw and Bandsaw. Members and non-members are welcome to join, but some experience on woodworking tools is required. All members of Make Salt Lake must take this class to be granted entrance to the Wood Shop. If you’re new to MSL, feel free to join us, learn about the space and safe use of the wood Shop and even get signed up afterwards. The class size is limited, so you MUST RSVP in order to reserve your spot.