“What Business Value Do You Deliver?” with Alex Yakyma

There are questions that puzzle every enterprise. What’s the business value of a partnership? Of a new marketing professional who joins the team? Of sales training? What is the business value of a new product or service the enterprise is working to deliver? Or a corporate email system? Or a new software feature? How about a business intelligence report highlighting the details of a company’s operations? What is the business value of a process improvement?

But despite the great interest, organizations seldom get proper answers. Our goal will be to offer some tools to help find them.

We will discuss the following topics:
– Value discovery through outcomes
– Outcome chains and outcome ownership
– Value paths and scoring business value
– Emergent business value and probing for value

This talk is for leaders at all levels, product managers and product owners, facilitators and coaches.


Alex Yakyma is an author and a consultant helping enterprises succeed with complex challenges. Throughout his career, he operated in multi-cultural, highly distributed environments. Alex has trained a large number of change agents whose key role is to help their organizations achieve higher effectiveness at pursuing business outcomes.

6:30-6:40pm: buffer time for people to join + Announcements
6:40pm “What Business Value Do You Deliver?” with Alex Yakyma