Weekly Facilitation Lab

Control the Room is a community of facilitators spanning many different facilitation styles and systems. Facilitation Lab is our weekly event where we create a safe place to explore, adapt, and practice facilitation approaches and methods.

Join us as a participant and learn through connecting with others or signup to lead a session and try out a new method for the first time. During COVID we accelerated our monthly meetups to occur weekly in support of the transition to virtual facilitation and adapting to online. Whatever your learning objectives may be, we are here to support you.

Each week we feature a guest to guide us through an experience, the entire group critiques them, and then as time permits, we run an open mic style facilitation jam.

For a look inside the Facilitation Lab, check out a preview in our Control the Room Sizzle HERE (https://vimeo.com/543730396/cf83e0c667)!


1:00-1:15 Networking/Warmup
1:15-1:25 Welcome/Why/Intro Host
1:25-2:10 Host Session
2:10-2:30 Rose, Thorn, Bud-Feedback on Host
2:30-3:00 Cleanup/Networking

If you are interested in being a featured guest, you can use our signup form here. https://links.voltagecontrol.com/facilitation-lab-signup

We use the same zoom link every week, so bookmark it and join us anytime.