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Inside the Creation of Pollen, a brand new UI Toolkit from Jon Jandoc and the BambeeHR Team

Hey Vue.js LA!

We’ve got a super cool Meetup coming up this Tuesday, where Jon Jandoc will be showing us Pollen, Bambee’s newly open sourced component library. This is a completely bespoke new UI library, built with Vue.js, Tailwinds, and Storybook integration. I’ve gone spelunking in the code and it is beautiful on the inside and out. We will all learn a lot seeing how Jon and the Bambee team rolled their own UI toolkit, and what they thought about along the way.

August Meetup via Zoom, Tuesday the 11th — 6pm-8pm!
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Building a component library:
While there are many great off-the-shelf options for component libraries in the current ecosystem, sometimes the correct solution is a custom one. We’ll go into when and why that may be the right choice for your situation and important things to consider as you develop custom components and design a larger cohesive library. Finally we’ll take a look at Pollen, an open source library we’re building for Bambee.

Jon’s Bio:
Jon Jandoc has been working on the web for the past 16 years for agencies, startups, and presidential campaigns. Currently he’s the Principal UI Engineer at Bambee.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Hello Los Angeles Vue.js Devs!

Come join the Vue.js LA **Monthly Meetup!** where you can learn and improve your skills as frontend developers, using this elegant framework, Vue.js.

Our Meetup will be Every 2nd Tuesday of the Month.

Vue.js is an amazing frontend framework with a extensive and growing community. It is fast, friendly, and intuitive to use. It takes the best from React and Angular, with a focus on ease of use and especially useful for designers.

Developers of all levels of experience are welcome! This is an inclusive environment that welcomes everybody. Beginners through professionals are welcome, and we love participation.

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