[Virtual] Product Owner vs. Product Manager roles

Over the last 25 years, Scrum has become very popular. As a result, organizations are increasingly looking to how the Scrum accountabilities interface with existing or new job titles. And Scrum Master and Product Owner have become job titles themselves. But is a Product Owner a Product Manager? And who is accountable for the Product Ownership in your team or organization?

In this talk, Dave West, CEO of Scrum.org and recovering Product Owner discusses the role, its genesis, and how successful organizations have injected these accountabilities into their organizational structure.

Dave West is the CEO of Scrum.org. He is passionate about the future of work and how to build organizations that unlock the potential for everyone in a complex world. A frequent keynote speaker and widely published author. His books include The Nexus Framework For Scaling Scrum and Head First Object-Oriented Analysis and Design. Prior to joining Scrum.org he was Chief Product Officer at Tasktop where he was responsible for product management, engineering and architecture.

Who would benefit from joining this session?

Anyone involved in the use of Scrum, Product Managers, Product Owners, etc.