VGMU! Presents Microtalks: FORWARD

Microtalks is a format where we have more than one speaker, and everyone gets only 10 minutes to speak their mind. The theme will be FORWARD, but it’s left up to the speakers themselves for how to interpret that.

Our speakers, not limited to:

Kamau Vassall, Software Engineer at Unity and Co-Founder of Moonlit Studios
Kamau has 11+ years in the gaming industry. He’s spent the last four creating his own gaming studio where he attempts to fully publish and release at least one game a year. The games that he focuses on are ones that fall within the realm of Caribbean and African American culture.

Renee Wooten, Producer at KingsIsle Entertainment
Renee Wooten is a Producer of Live Service MMO content at KingsIsle Entertainment, the creators of Wizard101 and Pirate101. They’re a game design graduate from Full Sail University, class of 2012. With a goal of creating products that drive learning and growth, Renee has drawn inspiration from the journey and success of others. Focused on encouragement and motivation to bring out the best products for players while maintaining high morale for development teams, Renee exemplifies professional empathy and puts their team first at all times. Renee constantly reflects on their work and takes everything as a learning opportunity, with the ultimate goal of becoming a Creative Director.

Chris Kokkinos, Audio Lead, Rooster Teeth
Chris Kokkinos is an award nominated Supervising Sound Editor and Audio Lead for Rooster Teeth’s Audio Department. Since his graduation from Full Sail University in 2008, he has worked on sound for 15+ mobile games, 3 MMOs, and over 250 episodes of Rooster Teeth’s content including the longest running episodic web series of all time, ‘Red vs. Blue’.

Adam Creighton, Founder and Studio Head, Enduring Games
A strategic industry leader for video games, consumer goods, and services, Adam Creighton is the Founder & Studio Head for Austin’s Enduring Games. The studio crafts high-quality products (like Demon’s Souls and Godfall for PS5) for the newest console hardware and business models, making great games with great folks.
Key companies from Adam’s past include Disney, Emergent Game Technologies, Visa, & Panic Button. Key brands include Marvel, Star Wars, DOOM, & Rocket League.
Adam is a board advisor for technology & services companies, a professional voice & on-camera actor, and a gamer. And he’s been known to wrestle llamas.

Watch this space for more!