Using Online Spaces to Connect with and Learn from Other Professionals

Mark your calendars for this exciting talk in March!

We have Alex Ortiz, a Technology Evangelist, joining us to share his journey in blockchain, cryptography and machine learning.

Alex will provide a framework to view social media as online communities for learning and professional development, concrete advise on how to use these spaces and his experience in emerging technologies.

This is not an event to miss! For more details and registration, see the ISM Western Washington website:

Alex Ortiz is a Technology Evangelist. He served as the Chief Blockchain Evangelist for the open-source blockchain identity project lifeID, where he was responsible for market education and partnership development as well as representing his team at standards bodies like the W3C. He is also a founding board member of the Washington Blockchain Coalition, a non-profit to help blockchain businesses in Washington state succeed. Alex is a frequent speaker on the possibilities for distributed systems and decentralized blockchain technology to enhance business and society. His other areas of interest include cryptography and machine learning. Alex writes about technology on his blockchain blog, Blockchain Dreamers, his machine learning blog, A Human Learning Machine Learning, and occasionally Hacker Noon.