Use Gameplay to Shift Mindsets, Improve Team Dynamics,and Teach

[ZOOM] Use Gameplay to Shift Mindsets, Improve Team Dynamics,and Teach
with Rich Stewart (Product Operations Manager) and Paula Stewart (Enterprise Agile Coach)

PLUS 2 ⚡lightning talks⚡!

Join us as we share games we have played with leaders and teams to encourage growth and benefit mindsets, shared values, and to demonstrate how the structure of an organization can lead to communication breakdowns.
Playing games creates space for people to try on a different frame or perspective that leads to transformation. Agile coaches have enjoyed playing these games in workshops together while discussing how they would leverage them within their organizations.


Two brave attendees will have the opportunity to do a 5 minute lightning talk before our presenter shares some wisdom!! If you are interested in doing a lightning talk, please sign up here –

Rich Stewart, Product Operations Manager
Rich is passionate about working with organizations to help their competitive advantage by leveraging business agility at all organization levels from the C-suite to individual teams.He has over ten years of experience building and maturing Agile teams, across the entire spectrum of Agile adoption, both within and outside of product development. His approach to an Agile transformation is to treat it as a significant organizational change; hence he coaches executives on the importance of regular communications to address the impact of the changes and to be sensitive to the inevitable “how does this impact me?” questions

Paula Stewart, Enterprise Agile Coach
Paula saw a pattern of gaps in Agile transformations that had a human cost to teams, organizations, and customers. Her search to make a difference ended up with her being an active member of a XSCALE learning ecosystem. Paula coaches leaders, groups, and individuals on self-efficacy working towards her ICF, PCC. Paula provides training and coaching on systems-thinking, pattern-based thinking, and empirical process, not just framework or methodology. After being part of creating solutions that provide customer’s mastery, Paula loves to see teams experience users telling them they have changed their lives. Paula is committed to teams’ successin delighting customers while working at a sustainable pace with a unified purpose.

6:00-6:15 Welcome and Connection Time
6:15-6:25 Announcements
6:25-6:40 Lightning talk
6:40-7:45 Presentation