Two Talks About Real Time w/ Jon King (Imply) and Thor Sigurjonsson (Overstock)

We’ve got an action packed event, full of real-time knowledge – Not one, but two talks from some heavy hitters in the data world.

Talk 1: Introduction to the Data River and Apache Druid w/ Jon King (Imply)

Cluster computing frameworks such as Hadoop or Spark are tremendously beneficial in processing and deriving insights from data. However, long query latencies make these frameworks sub-optimal choices to power interactive applications. Organizations frequently rely on dedicated query layers such as relational databases and key-value stores for faster query latencies, but these technologies suffer many drawbacks for analytic use cases.

User-facing applications are replacing traditional reporting interfaces as the preferred means for organizations to derive value from their datasets. In order to provide an interactive user experience, user interactions with analytic applications must complete in an order of milliseconds. To meet these needs, organizations often struggle with selecting a proper serving layer; many select serving layers because of their general popularity without understanding the possible architecture limitations. Enter Apache Druid.

Druid is an analytics data store designed for analytic (OLAP) queries on event data. It draws inspiration from TSDBs, data warehouses, and search infrastructure, and many large technology companies are switching to Druid for analytics. Jon King will discuss using Druid for analytics and explains why the architecture is well suited to power analytic dashboards.

Jon King is a Field Engineer at Imply. Jon has been in big data for 12+ years. He is fluent in Hadoop, Spark, Hive and Presto and Druid. Previously, he’s built and managed data teams at Solifire, NetApp and Ibotta. He’s a 2x O’reilly Author (Operationalizing Data Lakes in the Cloud (2019)) and Contributor (Programming Hive (2012)). Outside of the professional area he enjoys traveling and spending time with his family in the Colorado Mountains.


Talk 2: Real-world Messaging Architectures and Patterns w/ Thor Sigurjonsson (Overstock)

Messaging Systems are not a new paradigm but are now taking the world by storm as streaming infrastructure becomes more scalable and more widely adopted in the industry.

Having built and operated messaging solutions in several prior incarnations, Thor will speak about Data Fusion and Architecture Patterns he has identified and lessons learned.

Thor will speak about current technology choices made building a Messaging Fabric at built with Apache Pulsar, Pulsar Functions and directions being taken using graph technologies and in-memory data stores.

Thor Sigurjonsson is a Principal Data Engineer and Architect at leading their Real-time Data Engineering team and efforts supporting Real-time Machine Learning in production. He has built production systems using Kafka, RabbitMQ and other technologies. Thor has architected and built Messaging Solutions in the IoT, Smart Home AI, Cyber Security and Storage / Data Protection industries as well as in Small Startups.


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