Thinkful Speaker Series || WTF Now? How To Launch A Digital Marketing Career

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The internet continues to create new ways for companies to have deeper and more personal experiences with their user base. Digital marketing is at the core of these experiences and helps companies shape their brand and build meaningful connections with their audiences. But what do digital marketers even do? And what’s the best way to jumpstart a new career in this growing field? If you’re new to digital marketing, questions like these may feel overwhelming to think about, but they don’t have to be!

Join us as we discuss how to successfully transition into a digital marketing career with topic expert, Sergio Scudieri. We will be examing subjects like how to captivate an audience, how to reach today’s customers within an internet-based world, how to covert new user-bases, and what skills are needed to transition into this new career.

What you will learn:
The importance of this role for any modern company
How to pivot from your current career into digital marketing
What actions to take to become a digital marketer

Bio for Sergio Scudieri:
A college graduate who spent months on the unemployment line and, with the aid of a Digital Marketing Certification program, has become a Digital Marketing Specialist helping businesses take advantage of the opportunity they have to reach relevant, high-quality leads in ways that are non-invasive and valuable to their consumers