The Courageous Career: Making a Change

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So you want to make a change… Quit a job. Apply for a dream job. Start a new project. Or work with a new person.

But you’ve been putting this change off. Or you’re just not quite sure how to make it happen.

Moments of change are essential in your work and can launch you into all sorts of new adventures, yet their importance is also what so often leads us to delay them. And even when we take action, it’s often still restricted by nerves.

In this interactive workshop, you’ll deepen your ability to make the changes that matter most.

We’ll cover what mental factors are getting in the way, including the underestimated fear of success, and how to break past those obstacles. You’ll learn why it’s so easy to stay with the familiar even when it’s not what you want. You’ll understand how to boost your happiness until you can make the change by increasing your sense of agency. And we’ll equip you with several simple tools to shift from avoidance to action at any time.

By mastering the science of change and the art of bold action, you’ll be set up to not only make a change you want but thrive doing it. We’ll take the next steps together.