The Agile Mindset: Why it matters – David Wallace

There are a plethora of Agile frameworks, tools, and techniques. So with all of these resources, is the Agile mindset really that important? Can’t teams just follow the “rules” and be more productive?

In this talk, we will address these questions and also discuss ways to introduce the Agile mindset to the organizations and teams that you are working with. And we would love to hear how you all have been introducing the Agile mindset in your context. There will be a short presentation and then a facilitated discussion on this topic. So please come ready to learn and share!

Learning Objectives:
* The attendee should leave this session with a strong understanding of why the Agile mindset is crucial to being effective when working with teams
* We will discuss clues that will let you know whether the teams/people you are working with have the agile mindset or not
* We will also cover ways to help teach the mindset and make it easy to digest

-6:00 p.m. Welcome, announcements, introduction
-6:15 p.m. Presentation and facilitated discussion on the topic
-7:30 p.m. Q&A & Feedback

This event will be recorded and posted to our YouTube channel. Attendance to the live event is encouraged as there will be polling and interactive elements.

Our Presenter :
David Wallace, Agile Coach/Product Delivery Coach
David is an Agile Development enthusiast. He believes that developing and delivering usable products in an iterative process gives all parties (Stakeholders, Product Owners, Engineers and Customers) the greatest chance of success. David loves to be a part of seeing and helping people succeed. With a degree in Psychology and a life purpose to help other live as the best version of themselves, he strives to help both individuals and organizations improve their processes and work with maximum efficiency in a collaborative environment (and having a blast while doing so).

David is a widely experienced technology developer, manager and Agile Coach. He is passionate about technology and expanding his knowledge and experience in the industry. He always approaches tasks with a customer service mindset and takes pride in delivering quality products whether he is developing or managing the process. As a skilled communicator, he has been highly effective in ensuring an understanding of the needs and expectations of a project from start to completion.