Summer Jam – Designing live on Twitch!

We’re trying something new, and streaming on Twitch!

Peek into the product design process as Tony tackles an app design challenge live. We’ll use randomized prompts, and inputs from the audience so there’s no telling what will be created!
We hope that this can be a learning experience, with questions asked and answered along the way.

Please take a moment to read through the IxDA Code of Conduct ( before registering.

Tony Yates (, Principal Experience Designer @ INRIX.
Tony is an industry-leading visual and UX designer and brand strategist whose experience includes Fortune 50 companies Amazon, Microsoft, and HTC, as well as boutique agencies, agile startups, and nonprofits. His vision has driven global website designs, hung on freeway billboards, and has been used to move the needle for corporations in need of world-class design.