Scrum Master SIG – Are you a scaling framework purist?

Topic: Are you a scaling framework purist?

Are you a scaling framework purist? Come over to the darkside……

As your company outgrows startup status, it and the initiatives you are focusing on evolve creating the challenge of coordinating multiple teams or teams of teams. You start Googling and find a handful of frameworks that seem poised to help you scale (or descale) your organization. But do you really need to do ALL of it!??! Instead, treat those frameworks as collections of tools that you can use to solve the situation at hand to achieve the best outcome.

We will identify, as a group, the greatest challenges an organization faces as they need to scale decisioning, communication, visibility, etc. and map those to practices/activities/tools that can be used to solve them and the situations in which they are most appropriate. There will be lots of stickies, sharpies, and yarn–think FBI evidence board. Get ready!

Learning Outcomes:
– Identify areas where organizations struggle with size
– Recognize activities/tools/practices that can help you overcome those challenges
– Differentiate when to use which tools/activities based on the situation

Anyone interested to increase their Agile understanding and practices, centering around the role of a Scrum Master…come join us and share your ideas.

Speaker: Reese Schmit

Reese Schmit is an Agile Coach at Agile Velocity. Over the past 15 years, she’s done just about every job in the software industry, from User Experience Designer to Product Manager, QA Engineer to Scrum Master. This varied experience has taught her to frame problems from different perspectives and drive change through empathy. As an Agile Coach, she has worked to help organizations increase customer value, transparency, and collaboration, and to motivate teams to continuously improve.

When she’s not coaching, Reese is Program Chairing for Agile Austin or helping build the program for the Global Scrum Gathering and the Agile Alliance’s annual conference. Otherwise, she’s either chasing her tiny human girl or two canine boys around, hanging out with her amazing husband, brewing beer, or, if by some miracle she gets to sit down, knitting.

Scrum Master SIG Info:
Food and Drink will be provided courtesy of Agile Austin.
Seating is limited!

Please make sure that you are able to attend this session. Seating is limited and on a first-come, first-served basis. We want to give everyone the opportunity to attend, so please only sign up if you are committed to attending.

For more information/questions, please send email to: [masked].