Remote Mob Programming Workshop

Join us for a monthly hands-on Mob Programming workshop!

This workshop will focus on using git handoffs and remote control flexibility to collaborate effectively.

Having git, python/pyenv, and nodeJS/nvm installed and ready to develop in will help you participate more in this workshop, but it is not required.

Come practice with us!

General programming knowledge will definitely help you in this workshop, but all skill levels and software disciplines are welcome!!! We will work together to make this workshop an inclusive space for you to learn and experiment!

Mob Programming is a software development practice with many benefits – it raises code quality, removes knowledge silos, minimizes mental fatigue, and more. In practice it feels more like a bulldozer than a race-car —unstoppable and thorough. The core of mob programming is pointing many pairs of eyes on a single problem, pushing all the code through a single keyboard. Each month we’ll explore different methods for learning to mob well and reaping the rewards of this practice as soon as possible on your own team.

Facilitator Bio:

Jeff Patterson is a software quality engineer at Jama Software, language agnostic, and non-traditional CS grad. He has facilitated Global Day of Code Retreat, Mobretreat, and many other coding workshops.
Can often be heard exclaiming, “Software is made of people!”

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Facility information:
Workshop will be conducted over zoom.
The meeting link will be posted privately to attendees who have RSVP’d, on the day of the event
You can download the zoom meeting client at: