REMOTE Community Action Night (CAN)

Conference link available upon RSVP.

Calling resident activists and technologists to join us for COMMUNITY ACTION NIGHT to work on an open-source project related to civic technology (open gov, social equity) in Austin.


(1) Set up Zoom (
(2) Join our Slack org (

Ideally, you should be on a computer you can use for viewing a shared screen as well as writing, coding, design, or other contributions. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to participate from a smartphone. Please be in a quiet space if possible, and keep your microphone muted when you’re not speaking.

Here’s more detailed setup instructions:

7 PM: Announcements, including spotlights on local COVID-19 efforts

7:15 PM: Project breakout groups + New joiner orientation
Once you decide which project to work on, you can join a video chat in that project’s channel in the Open Austin Slack organization.

To ensure Open Austin is a welcoming space for all, staff and participants are held to our Code of Conduct: Please remember that the Open Austin Code of Conduct applies to remote meetings.

All Open Austin events are on the record by default. Participants should be aware that they may be quoted, photographed, videotaped, and otherwise recorded. Exceptions must be agreed to by all parties present in a conversation in order for the conversation to be off the record.