React Native vs. Flutter -The same app written for both platforms with Rap Payne

We can talk about theoretical differences all day. But to really understand the characteristics and quirks of React Native and Flutter, you have to actually write some code. In this talk, we’re going to dive into the exact same application — A movie theater seat-reservation app — written both in React Native and in Flutter and see where each framework shines and which is better. This apples-to-apples comparison will not only make it plain where developers would rather work but also where the true strengths and weaknesses lie for each framework.


Doors Open at 6:30 PM, announcements will be at 7 PM. The doors from the parking garage automatically lock at 7 PM, so you may be delayed waiting for security to open the doors if you arrive after 7 PM.

Food will be provided at 6:30, but due to unreliable RSVP counts, we only get enough for about 20 people. Come early to make sure you get some!