Rationality Reading Group

Let’s meet and talk about Rationality topics! We get together on the first and third Monday of each month to chat about rationality. It’s a fun time with lots of laughter, practical tips for achieving your goals and thinking without bias, and plenty of good-natured philosophical argument. We’ll start with a brief “What is Rationality” primer for anyone who needs it, and then discuss the reading.

Generally, the reading each session will consist of a few short essays available online, and will take you 45min-2hrs depending on your reading speed. We ask that people do (or at least start or skim) the readings for each meeting, since the readings are a good focal point for discussion, and we can get deeper into the ideas if everybody has the same context. However, if you’re interested and you haven’t read, come anyway! We would much rather have you attend without having read, than stay home because you didn’t do it.

We’re currently working our way through “Rationality: AI to Zombies” by Eliezer Yudkowsky. The next few meetings will me about words, names, categories, and how to be better at thinking about them! This is the planned schedule for the next few meetups:

April 15:[masked], “The Parable of the Dagger” through “Disguised Queries”
(153, the Parable of the Dagger, is optional because it’s confusing.)

May 6:[masked], “Neural Categories” through “Taboo Your Words”

May 20:[masked], “Replace the Symbol with the Substance” through “Where to Draw the Boundary?”

June 3:[masked], “Entropy, and Short Codes” through “37 Ways Words can be Wrong”