Python Office Hours (in person)

What is this meeting about?

This is a chance for people of all experiences levels to get together for programming, socializing, and moral support while working on things.

Take a look at the Python Office Hours ( wiki or more details.

This is a flipped “office hours” where you can learn from your peers.

In flipped classrooms students watch lectures and read material outside the classroom then work on things in person. This isn’t a formal class, but the idea is similar. Many people who attend are there to help.

If you prefer to work on things on your own, that is okay too! If someone asks for help, let them know that you are working on something and not available for help at the moment.

We talk on irc during office hours at #pumpingstationone on freenode. It is handy for sharing links to information and pastebins. If you don’t have an irc client, you can connect to the channel via this web client: kiki irc #pumpingstationone (

If you don’t already have something to work on or study, check out the wiki page for ideas.

What to bring?

A kind attitude and good conduct: Everyone is expected to Be excellent to each other ( at the space. On top of that, I’d like to make this a setting that follows the Recurse Center User’s Manual ( on social rules. Their social rules make learning environments more productive and friendly. I also expect everyone to follow the Python Office Hours Code_of_Conduct (

An interest in learning python

A computer: We have wifi at the space, but we don’t have extra computers floating around. If you have trouble bringing a laptop, talk to us before the event. We can try to find one for you but we need to know beforehand (preferably a few days).

What will you be working on?

Share in the comments for the meeting. It’s interesting to know what people are working on.