Pydata Denver – March 25th, 2020

Hi all,

Sorry for the schedule change! We had a conflict next week, but March 25th seems to work for everyone.

We have a one-hour talk planned currently, by Greg Chase. He will be covering end-to-end machine learning deployment, including CI/CD pipelines, Docker, deployment to a VPS, and potentially validation in production (depending on time).

ML Solutions Architecture – Greg Chase

Often when working in a software or machine learning team, minimal focus is put on how the product reaches production, until the time comes for deployment. Applied to single or multiple teams, this can hinder deployment, and at the worst, kill the project entirely.

This presentation will cover the following topics:
– Why do ML projects & teams struggle with production?
– Working as a team of one
– ML project management
– Demo – Building a CI/ CD Pipeline
– Monitoring (tentative)
– Cloud best practices

I’m still working on another short presentation; no more than 15-20 minutes, something light.

More information to come about April, May, and even June/July once I have firm gameplans!

We plan to have snacks and drinks if possible. If you wish to eat something more substantial before the Meetup, you might consider Brider, on the first floor of Galvanize (to your left as you enter the building). They have a Happy Hour from 3-6pm every day. Slices of pizza are only $2 during HH (and they are large slices).

Our sponsors for this evening are Galvanize ( and Empiric Health (