Product Pre-Sales-Based Crowdfunding

At first glance, crowdfunding is just a fantastic new way to raise money and bypass traditional sources of financing. Even more fantastic is the rewards- and cause-based models, which have fewer liabilities (no debt contraction and no equity distribution).

But aside from the financial aspect, crowdfunding has also shown itself to be a really efficient marketing tool. Indeed, it’s an incredible new way to create, engage communities, evaluate a market, and build an audience. At Colorado Crowdfunding, since our beginning over two years ago, we’ve been focused on how crowdfunding can assist inventors and entrepreneurs get their inventions and products into the marketplace by boosting their product launches, from solo inventors to early start-ups to established SMEs.

If you have an idea for a cool (or, maybe, not so cool but nevertheless, useful and interesting) product to sell, why not do yourself a favor and come to Colorado Crowdfunding’s Product Pre-Sales Crowdfunding meetups and learn as much as you can about how to bring your idea / concept / product to market and beyond by using crowdfunding as a vehicle to help you get there.

At every meetup you’ll have access to the wealth of knowledge and information that our moderator, Rita Crompton (“The Inventor Lady”), can provide to you about how to get your idea /concept/product to market in the most efficient and streamlined way possible.

For all you would-be product marketers out there, this is the meetup to attend.

We look forward to seeing you there at our very next meeting.