PayTalk and Open Spaces

IMPORTANT: We have a new entrance! See the “How to Find Us” section in the sidebar of the meetup, the comment in the comment section, and the aerial photo attached to the Meetup for more details. (Also, this new entrance means no more sign in or ID needed.)


Back by popular demand, it’s PayTalk! We’ll start the evening with PayTalk. Then, to give people a chance to drill into topics, we will run up to 6 ‘rooms’ of open spaces this evening. Open spaces is a forum where you all propose topics, the group schedules them, and discussions happen. Don’t worry if you’ve never participated in open spaces; we will explain how it works as we go along.


For a successful PayTalk event, please fill out this form even if you can’t make it. The form is completely anonymous.

**Rough Schedule**

6:00p – 6:15p: Mingle
6:15p – 6:30p: Announcements
6:30p – 7:00p: PayTalk
7:00p – 7:05p: Break
7:05p – 7:20p: Topic pitches
7:20p – 7:30p: Schedule Scrum
7:35p – 8:00p: First Sessions
8:05p – 8:30p: Second Sessions
8:35p – 8:40p: Closing remarks
8:45p – ??????: #BeerOps at Easy Tiger @The Linc