Orientation to PS1

Are you new around here or interested in learning about PS:One?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that… and you’re hardly alone. PS:One has seen explosive growth recently, and we’ve decided to create a formal way of teaching new folk how to be a healthy, happy member of the PS:One community.

Meet with PS:One old-timers (including at least one former president) to learn the many opportunities available to PS:One members, plus hacks for getting around easier.

You’ll learn:

the one and only rule you need to remember at PS:One!
what mailing lists and IRC channels you should join
how to get discounts on classes, tee-shirts, stuff around town, and even monthly dues!
how to get certified on equipment
how to bring new equipment into PS:One
how to create a class, event, group, meeting, or what have you
how to request a class, event, group, whatever
how to blog
the wiki.
do-ocracy and how to do-ocratize things