NW Weekly Linux Sessions

Virtual meeting until further notice: https://meet.jit.si/ALE-NW

A hands-on group for assistance with installation, administration, or just about any question related to Linux. Attendees set the agenda. Usually people will form small groups of 2-3 to discuss a topic or work on an issue. Bring your laptop — please, no desktops — and show us your problem. If we can’t help at least we’ll amuse you. No presentations.

If there’s interest we can work through a HowToForge tutorial together. Usually this will mean having access to a server or VM (local or remote) to install test stuff into. Feel free to post the URL for a tutorial you’d like for the team to use (must be from https://www.howtoforge.com/) and the crowd choice wins.

How long the virtual meetings will be necessary is determined by the govt announcements on the COVID-19 virus.