Next Level UX: GA x Larry Marine x Creative Circle


The most successful websites, apps, and software follow one of several successful UX design strategies. Rather than focusing on superficial design approaches, such as button placement, content, and calls to action that try to force the user along a specific path, this presentation highlights several high-level strategic approaches that focus on applying psychological principles to engage the user and intrinsically motivate them to continue their journey.

For instance, one strategic approach focuses on incrementally transitioning website visitors through the 4 A’s of purchasing; Awareness, Attention, Attraction, and Action. Most sites try to convert the user right away instead of helping them transition through these 4 psychological steps towards taking action.

Another strategy employs various techniques to evoke an emotional investment that dramatically increases website stickiness and conversions. For instance, many sites provide calls to action on the home page. These clicks demand a commitment (buy, sign up, request demo, etc.). This creates a click-anxiety in the users since they have to make a commitment on every click; they become click-averse, which reduces page views. It is better to avoid click aversion by offering clicks that don’t cost anything yet provide some value to the user.

There are several specific strategies that we can discuss to see which approach would help double or triple your success metrics.

6pm-6:25pm // Happy Hour
6:25pm – 7:10pm // Keynote Talk
7:10pm- 7:30pm // Audience Q&A