Monthly Meetup – SOCOM Innovation Foundry Recap & AI-Assisted Ideation

At this Meetup, we will share a recap of the annual Innovation Foundry for SOCOM (US Special Operation Command) that we facilitated. Also, Cam Houser, Founder of 3 Day Startup, will join us to debut his AI ideation tool. Join us!

The goal of the foundry was to bring together non-traditional (non-military) people and military operatives to utilize design thinking to explore concepts from future technology areas (7-12 years). We’ll share thoughts on planning and execution, as well as, what went right, what went wrong, and lessons learned. Our hope is that you will leave with practical takeaways for your own Design Sprint & facilitation practice.

AI-Assisted Ideation: Machine Learning meets Brainstorming Interactive Session
In this session, we will experiment with using text generation algorithms (see GPT-2, Google’s BERT) in the context of running a workshop. Can these algorithms be used in an interactive way to help participants find creativity, make better decisions, and generate better solutions? Note: this session will be experimental. No technical knowledge required.