Mentoring for mentors

This month, Dev Together is all about the mentors. What makes a good mentor and how do you become a good mentor? We’ll be providing some mentorship training and activities to support you and practice those skills.

Everyone is welcome to attend! If you are currently someone looking for mentorship or who is a mentee in a mentorship relationship, we’d love to have your perspective too! You are uniquely qualified to tell us what makes a good mentor 🤗

Event agenda

1. Identify different kinds of mentorship and discuss differences between mentorship, sponsorship, and management

2. Activity: Goal setting and identification

How can we help mentees set and explain their goals? How can we make sure that we listen and accurately understand our mentee’s goals?

3. Activity: Support your mentee’s goals

What does support look like? What are some different strategies for supporting a mentee’s goals? How do we support someone’s goals if they’re outside the realm of our experience?

4. Reflection: Your best mentorship relationship

Who was the best mentor(s) you’ve had? Why was that mentorship relationship so valuable? What did you learn from that relationship that you could share with yourself and others to become a better mentor?

5. Discussion

What did you learn? What new ideas are you excited to try? How can we apply some of these new ideas in the Dev Together community? Anything else you noted that you want to share?

As always, all attendees are expected to abide by our Code of Conduct (

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