**** Meeting @ HACKERSPACE location ****. Bring Headless RaspberryPi,laptops,Pwr

Possible agenda for Tuesday;
Per in high demand and requests..

Will start up a selection of projects that we will be able to collaborate in person and finish at Hacker Space- Austin Texas.
There are two routes.
1.) One big project we agree on and collaborate to complete that we all have access to somehow.

2.) We take on a project that we all collaborate with, buy our own parts, work in steps and eventually will become our own when completed.

Here is one I suggest;
Will get consensus on who would like to;

Build a Portable Raspberry Pi Console

Charles has one that he is buying parts for. He will discuss in more details in next meeting.

7:30pm Meet & Greet

This is a good time to meet and greet others. If you are a first timer, please be open to communicate with others. This group is a casual easy going group that welcome others.

Since we are meeting at a temporary location until a permanent location is found., try and get your raspberry headless before coming to be more portable.

VERY ACTIVE Google + group created for N.A.G Group.


GitHub account


Were also now on Facebook, be sure and “Like”



Raspberry Pi-
You can get them cheap online. I would recommend finding a package with heat-sink, book, breadboard, etc..

If you don’t have most of the parts, the Starter Pack might be the way to go.

Bring extra power strips…

BTW: 1 of a million neat things to do with Raspberry Pi…


They have WiFi 😉

VR gear, Laptops, Script projects, Programing project, Modified toys, Arduino , Oculus Rift, Radio on Chip / Robotics, Mini-PC’s, Embeded devices, electronic projects, Automated devices, RF projects, Radio, modified phones, PenDrive Linux, Android Gear devices are always welcome.. 😉

Looking forward to networking and meeting new Geek friends I can relate to 😉