Cut Root-Cause Analysis Time down from days to minutes using FusionReactor

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Cut Root-Cause Analysis Time down from days to minutes using FusionReactor

Does this sound familiar…? You’ve been assigned an application issue e.g. a performance problem or some exception condition in your code. You’ve tried to recreate the problem(s) in your test environment – but you simply cannot reproduce it. Today’s distributed application environments and architectures are more complex than ever and this only adds to the difficulty when trying to pinpoint software problems. In the recently published DZONE Guide to Performance & Monitoring, it was found that the most time-consuming part of fixing performance issues is finding the root cause followed closely by being able to reproduce the performance issue. It was also reported that engineers spend 2.5 days on average to pinpoint and fix a production issue!

Most developers (well over 90% of developers) reach for logs when investigating an issue. Logs can help – but also come with their own problems such as the sheer volume, not containing the information you need, time required to process them, changes necessary in your code to capture specific variables or state. The problem could point to a poorly written SQL query? A memory leak? A null pointer exception? Some weird corner case in your logic. It could be one or more of these issues and it may take hours or days to fully understand what is causing the problem, leading to frustration and lots of wasted time….

There is a better way; FusionReactor is the leading Application Performance Monitor for ColdFusion and comes with many advanced capabilities which you wouldn’t normally expect to find in a monitoring solution. This presentation will demonstrate how you can cut your root-cause analysis time from days to minutes, using the low-level tools available in FusionReactor Ultimate and FusionReactor Developer Edition.

In this session, veteran CF troubleshooter Charlie Arehart will demonstrate for Intergral how FusionReactor has enabled 1000’s of companies to save days of time getting to the root of the most elusive defects and performance issues and keep applications resilient. You’ll see why it’s the only monitoring solution which can be effectively used across the whole Software Development Life Cycle – from dev to test to stage to production.

About Charlie Arehart:

A veteran server troubleshooter with over thirty years experience in enterprise IT, Charlie Arehart (@carehart) is a longtime contributor to the community and Adobe Community Professional. As an independent consultant, he provides short-term, remote, on-demand troubleshooting/tuning assistance for organizations of all sizes and experience levels (