Marketing BS with Edward Nevraumont

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About This Event
This event series will help simplify your business — and your job. Each month, host Edward Nevraumont will cover a different marketing function or tactic and show, with humor and topical examples, why it’s generally a waste of time. He’ll then explain what really works. Every month Edward will be joined by a local business leader who will share their take on the monthly “Marketing BS” topic.

September featured guest: Mark Britton, Founder/Former CEO Avvo
September Topic: Monetization

This month we will cover monetization, and how it is kind of everything. We will look at Expedia vs Yelp, how to capture value, why you aren’t charging enough, bad price points, welcome programs, humans, exhaust, and why marketing is not marketing.

6:00pm: Check-in, networking, feel free to grab a drink at the Coterie Bar
6:30pm: Program and Q&A
7:30pm: Networking

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