Lunch and Learn: Open Source and Augmented Analytics

We are currently in the midst of a new disruptive wave in the Business Intelligence market being defined by Augmented Analytics. Machine Learning and AI is being used to automate data preparation and discovery, with the goal of producing unbiased, optimized recommendations. Join us to discuss how augmented analytics is revolutionizing business operations. We will talk about open source analytics, then have a deep dive into the new release of Cognos Analytics that infused predictive models and natural language insights into a brand new data exploration experience.

We will also include a brief discussion about “Call for Code” – a global initiative sponsored by IBM, the UN, American Red Cross, the Linux Foundation that invites developers and data scientists to create new technological tools to help people affected by natural disasters. This year the focus is on addressing individual health and community well-being during natural disasters, and this challenge also helps developers to learn about cutting-edge technology. IBM is now helping last year challenge winners to deploy their solution, and a new challenge runs until July 29. Winning teams get substantial cash prizes. Sign up at

Meeting Agenda with Speakers:
1) Open source analytics and Call for Code – Svetlana Levitan
2) Augmented Analytics discussion and end-to-end demo – Kevin Gasiorowski
3) Fast Pattern Detection – Shatabdi Choudhury
4) Decision Tree/Sunburst/Rules – Alex Post
5) Smart Annotations – Bryan Parker
6) Chart Insights – Delia Ierugan
7) Relationship Strength Service – Ken Cox

Lunch will be provided at 11:30 am, with presentations starting around noon.

Please provide your official first and last names matching your state issued ID or passport, and bring that ID to the security desk.