FREE JavaScript Functions & Scope workshop

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Who this workshop is for:
This workshop is for beginners with approximately 2+ weeks of JavaScript experience. Students should have a familiarity with variables, types, if statements and loops. Our free JavaScript 101 workshop can help you learn this material.

Supplement this learning with these online resources:

At this workshop you will solidify your understanding of Functions and Scope in JavaScript, furthering your knowledge of fundamental JavaScript.

You’ll learn how to tackle some of the biggest challenges faced by those learning JavaScript. This is a highly interactive course that uses exercises and projects to drive home these JavaScript Fundamentals. You will finish this workshop with in-depth knowledge of one of the most important aspects of the language.

Topics covered:
How to compose and use functions in JavaScript
The mechanics of functions in JavaScript
How local and global scoping works
How the scope chain affects how you build JavaScript programs

What to bring:
Students will need to bring their own laptops! Windows, Mac or Linux will do it!

Do not hestiate to reach out with any questions – [masked]