Kotlin Coroutines

Hey Android Developers! Do you use threading in your app? Does threading also give you a headache? Let’s take a dive into Kotlin Coroutines, a powerful Jetbrains library that makes threading easy.

In this presentation, you will learn:
– What coroutines are and how they function
– How to use them (with real world examples and demos)
– Where and why you should use coroutines in your app
– How to avoid pitfalls of coroutines
– How they compare to other threading solutions like callbacks and RxJava


Doors Open at 6:30 PM, announcements will be at 7 PM, followed by the main presentation. The doors from the parking garage automatically lock at 7 PM, so you may be delayed waiting for security to open the doors if you arrive after 7 PM.

Light snacks will be provided at 6:30.