JDK Migration from 9 to 16 by Rodrigo Graciano & Neha Sardana


In a recent survey, 85% of developers are still using Java 8 or older. When Java 8 was released in 2014, changes would come in large quantities at each release. But when the release cadence changed to every six months, many developers could not follow the changes to the language. This presentation will cover the main changes to each version after Java 8, including Variable Type Inference (var), Records, Switch expressions, Text Blocks, Sealed Classes, Hidden Classes, Pattern Matching, and much more.



Rodrigo Graciano

Rodrigo Graciano has over 15 years of software development experience and is a Principal Software Engineer at a financial institution in NY. He is also a senior member and a Leader in the NYJavaSIG, the Java User Group from NY.

Neha Sardana

Neha Sardana is a Software Developer/Architect for Java based applications for over a decade.She is currently Vice President at Bank of New York Mellon and JUG (Java User Group) Leader for Garden State JUG. She has worked in financial services for almost 8 years in both Europe and the US.She is a technologist and an OSS enthusiast and loves to talk and blog about all things open source.



6:50pm e-Doors open

7:05pm Intro & announcements

7:10pm Featured presentation by Rodrigo Gracianos and Neha Sardana

9:10pm Q&A

9:25pm Raffle (1 JetBrains licenses)

9:30pm (Optional) Post-meetup social / v-drinks

** e-Doors remain open until the last person leaves


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