IoT Bytes – I have my Raspberry Pi, now what?

The new IoT Bytes meetup, taking IoT topics in smaller chunks. Tonight, we’ll be getting started with the Raspberry Pi. Our goal, to answer the question, “I have my Raspberry Pi, now what?” Questions and discussion are encouraged. Bring your board, bring you laptop, bring your questions. Let’s have some fun.

I’ll be walking through the basic setup for both headed (with a UI), and headless (console based) usage of the Pi.

To follow along you will need the following:
A Raspberry Pi (any model with headers)
A USB to UART cable
A microSD card
A laptop

A special note about the venue:
Pok-e-Jo’s is offering the use of the room for free, so please come hungry and order dinner to help support and thank them for offering us this space.

There is a seating limit of 40 people, so please be mindful of that when you RSVP.