Intro to SQL and RDBMS [Live-Online]

Join Galvanize for an evening lecture breaking down the basics and nature of SQL and RDBMS, followed up with a brief intro to querying.

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About this event

Join Galvanize for an evening lecture on SQL and relational database management systems (RDBMS). In this lecture, you will learn what SQL and RDBMS are, who uses it, when it is used, and, most importantly, how it is used. We will then break down the basics of querying and joining.

Next, we will introduce NoSQL RDBMS and contrast the differences in functionality between the two commonly used types of RDBMS.

The lecture will conclude with a brief live demonstration on how to make a table in SQL, query and join, and two tables, and discuss SQL’s built-in functions. All in all, this lecture will show you how and why SQL has become so incredibly ubiquitous to all manners of business since its creation in 1970.

Are you interested in joining the Galvanize Data Science Immersive? SQL is one of the key skills leveraged by the immersive and data science/analyst careers. Take this first step, and be ready from the start when SQL is introduced in the immersive!

Target Audience:

This workshop is geared towards beginner data scientists, engineers, and analysts interested in learning the basics of SQL

What You Will Learn:

What SQL is
How and when it is used
What a relational database management system does
The differences between SQL and NoSQL
Basic querying

How to Prepare:

– Install Google Chrome (any modern browser should work):

– Sign up for a Google account if you don’t already have one (We will be using an online code editor by Google)

– Have the Zoom Client for Video Meetings installed well before the webinar begins:

Taught live online:

– 1 Hour – 5:30pm – 6:30pm PST
– Link to join the workshop will be provided to you once you RSVP.

About Your Instructor:

Connor Slagle

I am a data scientist with a fondness for biotechnology, with degrees in both chemical and environmental engineering. Recent advances in data science are revolutionizing all aspects of contemporary business, from product refinement to customer identification; In no field is this as evident (or as exciting) as in biotechnology.

I’m focused on leveraging these skills to improve targeted, non-invasive drug delivery in oncology. Additionally, I love spreading my understanding of machine learning concepts through evangelism at Galvanize.

To learn more about our Data Science immersive program, visit our website.

Connect Before and After The Event

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