Intro to OpenShift 4.X

Welcome to the first run course of Intro to OpenShift 4.x

While containers can be thought of as a next-generation approach to virtualization, they share one downside with virtual machines: container sprawl (rather than VM sprawl). Given that containers can be deployed in far higher numbers than virtual machines, managing provisioning, deployment, tracking, and repairs of multiple containers across your IT architecture can be extremely challenging. OpenShift makes it easier.

$16 pay or PWYC


We will use an existing RedHat OpenShift console to get familiar with the OpenShift command line and GUI.

We will learn about:

– OpenShift Architecture
– Linux containers in OpenShift
– What are ImageStreams?
– Developing with Spring Boot
– Istio


Basics Linux commands and some knowledge about Kubernetes and containerized applications will be helpful!


Q: Who is this class for?

A: Anyone who wants to learn basics about OpenShift and how it works!!


Silvia Briscoe – Solutions Engineer at F5 Networks
Shannon Hunter – Systems Analyst for the City of Denver

Details to be announced when you sign up for class.