Interviewing Like a Pro ($45)

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In today’s world, it’s critical to optimize the face- to – face opportunities you get to sell yourself. Whether interviewing for an actual job, pitching an idea, or simply engaging in casual conversation, you have to know how to communicate your skills and experience in a compelling and memorable way. If you feel more tongue-tied than fluent in your ability to answer questions, speak persuasively, and tell your stories- this class can help. We’ll cover strategies to optimally prepare for important conversations, to craft stories and messages that stick, and to help ensure your interviews are infused with a spirit of control, achievement and gravitas.

– Do the proper research- both “internal and external”- to get ready for interviews and other important conversations
– Tell the Big Story of You
– Craft succinct and compelling answers to a variety of common interview questions
– Master other critical non-verbal aspects of how you present yourself And more!