How to Launch A Cyber Career in 2021 – Part 2!


If you’re wondering how to kick off your career in cybersecurity, join us for this AMA (ask me anything) with host David Lee and special guest Courtney Hans, Cybersecurity and Compliance Analyst at CareRev. Formerly an adventure travel program manager, Courtney successfully transitioned into cybersecurity in 2020. Join us for a lively discussion of what makes a candidate a must-hire in 2021.

*Hint if you missed our part 1 – you can check it out on our Youtube channel here:


Courtney Hans is a Code Fellows Cybersecurity Engineering alum and has her MBA (Marketing & General Management) from UC Davis. She recently transitioned from a career as a strategic business development leader (in the wine, travel, and outdoor recreation industries) into the cybersecurity field, and is currently in her first security role focusing on government, risk, and compliance. She is passionate about educating people around security, as humans are typically the weakest link leading to major cybersecurity incidents. Courtney also enjoys making silly analogies out of complex topics to connect with her audience.

David is a cybersecurity instructor based in Seattle. The principal curriculum developer of the first ever Code Fellows cyber ops bootcamp, David holds a masters degree in Cybersecurity & Information Assurance and has completed a number of certifications including AWS Certified Security – Specialty and Splunk Core User. When not teaching, David volunteers for Cybersecurity Non-Profit (CSNP) in an effort to provide career resources and create pathways for aspiring cyber professionals of tomorrow. Follow David on LinkedIn at and on CSNP’s YouTube for his latest cyber stories podcast at



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