Headless Browsers and Testing at Scale

Chrome and Firefox now fully support a “headless” mode to help facilitate and speed up end-to-end testing, with other browsers potentially following suit. But what are headless browsers, exactly? What are the benefits? And how can they help to scale our testing efforts?

This talk will explain what headless browsers are and why they’re useful. It will also discuss some of the challenges that are faced when headless browsers are used to ramp up the scale of our testing — particular when designing end-to-end tests that will run in parallel. There will be a brief demo of the Ghost Inspector product at the end, along with a Q&A session.

Speaker: Justin Klemm is the founder of Ghost Inspector, an automated browser testing service that allows you to create, manage and execute tests easily from the cloud. Ghost Inspector makes heavy use of headless browsers and runs tests in parallel by default. The service runs over 250,000 browser tests per day for its users.