HackerNest Tech SpeedMeet North America – by Experience Level

Use this link; 1st signups free: http://hckrn.st/SpdA-MG <> HAPPY 2021! We’ll start things off with an easy, chill HackerNest SpeedMeet. This time, you’ll register by the amount of business & professional experience level you have…

OVER 8 years *AND* UP TO 8 years

…so that we can split up the 1-on-1s into a couple of sessions. Keep on reading for more info – hope you’re able to join us! (*always check the main event listing to make sure you have the right timezone)


► Session #1, Open 1-on-1s: Talk with all guests!
► Session #2, Structured 1-on-1s: Split by ticket type!

► Group Conversations: Chat on-camera booths/rooms, hang, talk to others, use the chat thread, chill

► Direct Chats & Calls: Reach out or follow-up directly via message or vid-chat requests


We bring together passionate, like-minded people. SpeedMeets feature lighthearted conversations in short bursts – just enough time to be more-than-superficial, long enough to know if you vibe. Especially compelling for folks who love serial chats over the entire event with others in our tech & developer community. No long panels-talks-speakers (or any for that matter). Join us as we explore different ways of connecting! Laid-back & unpretentious, #ftw. Any ticket sales and funds support our nonprofit’s mission to continue uniting tech & developer communities. Thank you for your support!

1-on-1s: Be automatically matched with other guests to talk directly on-camera for a few minutes (less if your convo ends faster, more if you extend); stay in touch with one click. Roll to the next person thereafter. Match only once with the same person. Direct video available too.

Booths/Breakouts: Small, group video chat rooms that also emulates what happens at in-person events. Drop in/out when you want, up to 20 people can be on-camera, and anyone can listen in as well as contribute/engage via the text chat threads. text chat. Pop in periodically over the night and see what’s happening!


WHO SHOULD PARTICIPATE: Folks interested in tech. You’ll meet h4ck3rs. Hacks. Designerds. Data scienticians. Hardware engineerds. Developers. Venture ¢apitalist$. Venture communists. Entreprenerds. Killer robots. Sapiophiles. Social mediaphiles. Cloud network architects. Writers. Machine learning cyborgs. Artificially intelligent product managers. Accomplices.

Check our other online events here: http://hckrn.st/HopHN

Engage at our events through one of our limited booths/rooms. (i) Align with an existing session (Eg: “Community Central #1 – Powered by X Company”) or (ii) get a customized booth if you have a specific ask or universally tech-relevant theme.

On the event listing, your logo/blurb & banner is showcased. In the room, the headline has your logo and blurb pinned to the top of the thread. You & your team can split time between the session and on 1-on-1s. Connect with our community, tell your story, share expertise & what you do, offer SWAG, discounts, other cool stuff, meet talent – and give your team fun events to look forward to. Email [masked] to chat or pick the appropriate ticket – we’ll be in touch shortly after.