HackerNest Dallas March Tech Social

Attendance is free. You MUST use this link to register and get your ticket: https://dallas.hackernest.com/events/dallas-march-2020-tech-social – visit HackerNest Dallas at https://dallas.hackernest.com/


This is the fun way to connect with the -actual- tech community. Down-to-earth and friendly: you show up, make friends, hear from quality people. Easy. We’re mostly tech folk, but all nice people are welcome.

“HackerNest feels like coming home” – attendees everywhere.
First timer? Expect this: https://hckrn.st/TS_Vid


Opening: register, get a drink, chat up interesting people
+1 hour: announcements, sponsor intros, SuperConnect*
Finish: retrieve Amulet of Yendor, hi5 volunteers, head home exhausted from great convos

* SuperConnect gives you 10 seconds to share who you are, who you wanna meet, and one thing you care about. It’s simple, quick, and low-stress (yay introverts!). Participation is optional, feedback is universally positive. Come early, don’t miss out!

Got friends in tech who’d be interested? Bring them along. Tech Socials are even more fun with friends. Everything is better together. 🙂


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Support our grassroots movement, consider helping at the event (we wrote a short blog post on why you should volunteer – https://www.hackernest.com/articles/our-1-minute-event-volunteer-overview). Or just skip to seeing what volunteering involves, then fill out the short application – http://about.hackernest.com/volunteer/. Easy!


This could be you!


Lifeblue (https://www.lifeblue.com) is a full-service digital agency and a Certified B Corporation with a mission to help our partners grow their social, cultural or economic impact on the world.


Sponsors (https://www.hackernest.com/sponsor-us) enable our growing movement – Tell your organization’s incredible story, show your expertise & what you do, meet people whose talents and mindset complement your culture and team – all while giving your staffers a fun regular event to look forward to.

Got space (https://www.hackernest.com/host) to host our Tech Social? We’re on the lookout for easy to access offices with space that can fit our audience (standing-room only).

Cross-promote a cool event or project that your nonprofit or community-group runs.

**Please email our City Organizers to chat:**

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