Guided Arduino coding meetup: Learn coding one project at a time

Learn microcontroller coding one project at a time

online/virtual has been a bit challenging, back on meetup we may be able to eliminate some of those issues

currently scheduled weekly, and the best plan while virtual remains the best/safest option for all involved, the following seem to be a pretty good match for subject matter and virtual meetups

I will only prepare something when someone registers at least the day prior to a meetup, and it works a bit better if you have a specific project in mind, and submit it in comments of meetup messages, I will then prepare a bill of materials, post that in comments for the class that subject will be handled, so we can all get components in our hands individually

Any microcontroller is likely doable, most people will have an Arduino Uno, or a clone of that, as these are inexpensive and ubiquitous, easily replaced when damaged, etc. almost all microcontroller development boards are pretty equally easy, only standalone MCU will need special hardware to be able to program them

this makes a development board easier to learn on

have an Arduino Uno or clone, computer with appropriate cable to upload to the MCU, the Arduino IDE ( for your computer, jumpers/wires, and components as specified in your project or the announcement for that meetup

message me here on meetup if you have questions

NOTE: there are basically 2 voltage standards for MCU, 5v being most common until recently, when 3.3v is starting to take over, make sure you know which voltage your board is, and that your components, sensors, motors, etc. will safely work on that voltage, mismatched voltages are one of the most common ways to damage a development board