Frontend Framework Showdown – Node.js Denver/Boulder/Ft. Collins


Frontend Framework Showdown

Three speaker will be showing off three frontend frameworks as they tackle two users stories and an API.

– As a lonely dog, I want to see a list of all of the dogs that are available so that I can see my dating options.

– As a lonely dog, I want to be able to link to a specific dog so that I can share my favorite dogs with my friends.

Cass Torske: Vue.js

Vue.js is an approachable and versatile front-end framework. Quickly create projects using the CLI and get building with straight-forward docs. Vue boasts a supportive community and advanced features that are maintained by the core team.

Cassandra Torske is a full stack software developer who enjoys working in Vue but is always forced to work in something else. She enjoys blending her love of education with code and sharing knowledge with others. Cassandra moonlights as an amateur artist and loves dogs.

Marlena Baker: React

React is a very popular component based framework maintained by Facebook that is highly flexible. It focuses on core functionality rather than shorthand helpers.

Marlena is a developer at Quizlet. She enjoys debugging code, bringing people together, learning, and petting dogs. While she’s has been loud proponent of Vue for the past two years, she’s excited to learn more about React, as well.

CJ Reynolds: Vanilla JS

Vanilla JS is the latest and greatest JavaScript that is supported directly in the web browser with no external libraries or frameworks. CJ will show how we can use Vanilla JS to build:

* Reusable Web Components
* State Management and Auto Updating UI with Proxies
* Client Side Routing with the Browser History API

CJ is currently the Chief Full Stack Engineer at 303 software. In his spare time, he live streams himself teaching, building and making on the YouTube channel Coding Garden with CJ.


6:30pm: Pizza, beer, networking
7:00pm: Talk
7:45pm: Questions

Hope you all can make it out to this great talk. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.