Freeside Buildout

Freeside is having a build-out! Freeside members get to flex their right to hack on the space infrastructure and hack Freeside itself into a collective vision. Non-members are welcome and encouraged to come and help us hack the space! We could always use extra hands for buildouts and are happy to show you around the space.

Make sure to wear closed-toe shoes and fitted clothing, and be ready to get your hands dirty! Freeside has safety goggles and ear protection, but feel free to bring your own.

We will pretty much be there all day, come when you can.

Some of the projects we’re focusing on include:
• Workshop and table resurfacing.
• Finishing the bio lab.
• Workshop cleanup and organization.
• Ponder the meaning behind existence.
• Finish the Podcasting station.
• Organize the Ham Shack.
• Prove P is equal to NP.
• Send electrical pulses from our brains to our muscles.
• Move our kiln to its final home.
• Square the circle.
• . . . And more to be announced!

Come out and hack on the space with us!