Freelance Academy: Delegation & Virtual Assistance For Your Business

Growthli and the Houston Freelance Creatives are kicking off a new initiative called the Freelance Academy. This series of classes is dedicated to taking the stress out and accelerate your business growth.

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This Weeks Classes:

Delegating to your team:
Taught By Christina Hawkins
Freelancers tend to be perfectionists, which makes it hard for us to let others handle aspects of our business. However, to grow your business (and save your sanity) you’ll have to delegate parts of your business to others. Christina Hawkins will teach you how to let go and ensure a smooth transition.

• Learning to let go
• Determining what to delegate
• Determining who is right for the task
• How to document processes to ensure tasks are done correctly

Adding A Virtual Team
Taught By Christina Hawkins
What’s a virtual assistant (VA), and how do they differ from an employee? In this course, Christina Hawkins will explain why you may need a VA and how to determine the right one for you.

• Pros/Cons of hiring help
• Where to find good help
• How to determine the right contractor for your business
• What to expect when hiring a contractors