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Learn the fundamentals of APIs and how to leverage them!

About this Event

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are computer interfaces that stipulate how multiple software applications can communicate with one another. Companies are moving to create more APIs than ever and there is a huge push for “microservices” as well.

This workshop is a perfect gateway to gaining a fundamental understanding of APIs and how to leverage them. No matter what your background experience is, if you have an interest in either building or leveraging existing APIs this workshop would be a great way to further your experience.

Target Audience:

We strongly recommend that you are comfortable using the Python programming language and have had exposure to the following:

Importing libraries

Using variables

Using methods

Basic comprehension of how the internet works (http requests- GET vs. POST)

What You Will Learn:

Understanding APIs at a high level

What is an API?

Who uses APIs?

What can we use APIs for?

Interacting with a real API

How to Prepare:

– Have the Zoom Client for Video Meetings installed well before the webinar begins:

– Any other relevant information and download requirements before the event

Taught live online:

– 2 Hours – 5:30pm – 7:30pm Pacific Time

– The login link to join the workshop will be provided right before the start of the event to Eventbrite registrants.

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About the Instructor:

Andrew Means

I’m passionate about solving problems. I’ve leveraged this passion to explore innovative solutions to uncover new areas of opportunity that were previously unknown.

My background in software development, data engineering, and data science lets me solve these problems creatively and from different angles. From recognizing pain points and collecting data about the issue to creating a developer tool that when integrated would save thousands of engineering hours on manual processes.

I am on a mission to create beautiful experiences using a synthesis of data science, creative feature engineering, and scalable design.

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