First Discussion at Cafe Intermezzo (Dunwoody): The Apple FBI iPhone case

Cafe Intermezzo off Ashford Dunwoody, across the street from Perimeter Mall, is accessible by MARTA (take the red-line to Dunwoody Station, walk through the mall, and cross Ashford Dunwoody; ~7 mins), has great parking, wifi access and is an overall excellent meeting space.  The time and day seeks to accommodate everyone’s availability and religious considerations while also bearing in mind the availability of the meeting space.

-The first 30 minutes is for everyone to wake up, meet and greet, catch up, and place and receive orders.

-Then (at each meeting), a guardian (if you’re a member, that’s you) will kick it off by answering the following question as they understand it, “What is hacking?” ~ 5 mins.

-A more focused question, decided upon prior to each weekly meeting (most likely through rotation),  is presented formally by the guardian that posed the question, and anyone that has something specific to present is asked to have that ready and to the extent possible have communicated that to the event organizer in advance.

-If no guardian has anything formal to present on the question, the guardian that posed the question is asked to mediate a discussion on the topic and it is the goal of the remaining guardians to answer the question as best as possible.

-the last 30 minutes are for the discussions to completely break out independently into any topics that arise from the primary topic discussed, and groups as they choose may self organize to discuss these topics.

The first topic on Sunday, 17 APRIL 2016 :: 0930 hours @ Cafe Intermezzo is:
The Implications of the Apple/ FBI Case
-What is the ostensible legal argument?
-Why is the outcome important?
-What aspects of encryption and hacking are involved?
-How is this likely to evolve?