Dinner, drinks, discussion & networking for all things behavioral

Introducing a new monthly opportunity to explore all things behavioral!

To compliment our regular meetup every 4th monday night,
we’re adding a new casual behavioral dinner every 2nd Monday night.

For simplicity, the hours will be the same: 6:30pm – 9pm

The event will be at a regular restaurant with a bar so you can choose any combination of eat, drink, or neither as you prefer.

This event is being held further north near the Domain to accommodate those that have been having trouble getting to the city event.

We haven’t chosen a restaurant yet, does anyone have a recommendation near the domain with good reasonably priced food and a full bar that can handle a large group? (We don’t have to have a private area, but of course that’s a big plus.)

As usual, these events don’t cost you anything, but take a lot to organize, so all that we ask is that you help us spread the word! Meetup provides social share links on this page.

See you there!

We’re always looking for speakers, sponsors & volunteers. If you’re interested, please let us know!

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