Digital Design Lessons

Are you looking for a way to pick up a new technical skill? Blender-in-Denver is launching their very own Digital Design Private Lessons!

Lessons are fantastic for individuals seeking one-on-one help in the digital world. If an artist is brand new, lessons are a great way to test the waters. Lessons support in growing a variety of skills, including collaboration, teamwork, and digital design skills. Ranging from developing 3D models to editing voice overs and playing the piano, members now have the opportunity to learn a variety of skills they can apply in nearly any field in the digital world! Each lesson lasts for one hour, allowing for just enough time to ask questions and learn something new from our host(s).

These lessons also allow attendees to bring guests if they prefer a group lesson!

Every other Sunday, there are three slots available. Each slot is one lesson, lasting one hour each. One member can RSVP for one slot.

Not sure if lessons are for you? No worries! Your first lesson is FREE! If the lesson you sign up for is your first one with Blender-in-Denver, you will be offered a refund upon signing up for a lesson. All other lessons after that cost $20/hr.

All lessons are recommended for members ages 13 and up.

*** If the lesson is for an individual younger than 18 years old, message Kaitlyn Hornbuckle for further instructions. Individuals under 18 years old MUST send a message at least two days before the lesson in order to receive appropriate digital paperwork. Otherwise, no lesson can be given.

All lessons are conducted using Zoom, which can be found at:

Lessons are offered for the following topics:

3D Modeling with Blender
3D Animation with Blender
Audio Editing with Audacity
Graphic Design with Inkscape
Game Creation with Roblox Studio
Music Production with Reaper
Piano Lessons
Video Production with DaVinci Resolve
Writing Scripts/Stories for Films/Animations